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Christina Geddes
Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the store and the amazing products after. My washroom smells amazing daily and my bath is an experience that takes the stress away - everytime!

Kevin Gagnon
Do you want a feel like you've time travelled to an earlier time when companies were small, local and great service? You don't need a Tardis to time travel you just need to drive your vehicle to the Porcupine Mall and experience this store that makes you feel like you've time travelled. ;)

Lynn Charon

Visiting this store for the first time was relaxing. I had great experience and loved the information you provided on the products. I was interested in the pain relief ones and was pleased to be able to smell and try them in the store. I had a migraine at the time and was pleasantly surprised to get relief from the migraine gel for my drive home. In addition to my usual advil this product really works great. My daughter has since added it to her migraine relief plan as well and is quite pleased that it really helps. I was interested in the Ep-Max muscle and arthritis cream and am very happy you encouraged me to pick up the freeze spray as well. I am using them regularly they are so good. I look forward to picking up the pain relief massage oil next trip and possibly the mango cream as well! Thank you

Brenda Habel

This is an amazing store any questions about products he will answer freely and also got us to try a few thing to help my back Thank you :)

Jennifer Charbonneau

Never disappointed when I walk into your store!
Have purchased most of your bath bombs none can compare.
Recently purchased the soy melts love them as well.
Look forward to seeing what the new year brings for this your store.
Chatting with the owners is always the best part of the shopping experience .
So happy you choose Porcupine Mall to display your love of beauty products.

Alicia Chartrand
The creams are amazing! Particularly the mango shae butter! I have very bad eczema and besides medical creams (with tons of additives, steroids) this is the only cream that has worked miracles!! Looking forward to trying everything!!

Chrissy Glowz
The best!!! my #1 fav is the island dream epsom bath salts!! OMG!!!

Crystal Gamache
Omg just bought monkey fart for my warmer and it's smells so good I love it amazing product :)

Melanie Levesque
Just love your bath bombs! Will come back and get some soon :)

Crystal Kyle Mallette
Wonderful products, bath bombs are the best. Love how they will specially make something for you....the service is amazing and they make you feel welcomed into the store. Not to mention how beautiful the store looks at the new location.

Stephanie Manol
Love love love the bath crystals n bath bombs! soooo good!! and good for baby too:) great products!

Rachelle Ratté
Friendly, professional service, fantastic all natural products! Definitely 5 stars. Thank you

Angela Chavez
Duck in a Tub is the only place that I go to for my bath, body and home needs; from their silky smooth sheets, awesome smelling bath bombs and soaps, massage oils to help my achy body, to their well loved and used soy candles/soy melts. This is my go to shop whenever I'm in need for anything special for myself or as gifts.

Lise Gravel
Love my candles! The bath bombs were great additions to my Christmas presents, before unwrapping people could already smell them! Great service, great products!!! Thank you! Will be back!

Cathy Landry
I use a bath ball every night. Helps me not only relax but helps with my dry itchy skin. And the service is amazing. Always smiling Always willing to help. LOVE Duck in a Tub.

Candace Wilton
Beautiful bath bombs. They smell good enough to eat! Can't wait to order more and try them all ☺

Taoufik Laamari
Keep up the good work. Your store smells and looks great! Great service, great products.

Meesh Mosgrove
Love their handmade products! The care they put into this is amazing. Not to mention their custom products!

Stephanie Forget
I Love love love the bath salts I purchased!! Such a great product

Tina Skomorowski
Ah they're so colorful. Its tempting to own everything created. Makes my bath smell so sweet & is so relaxing. These bombs are so natural and keep the skin soft & hydrated. Nothing worse then your skin feeling dried out in my opinion. And these definitely don't do that!!

Laura Breton
Have used some of their products and absolutely love them!

Ororo Munroe

I have Duck in a Tub's products all over my house; bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, serums, candles, warmers, wax cubes, etc., and I just can't get enough. I have extremely sensitive skin, but every product I have tried has caused no reaction and my skin has actually improved! Every time I enter the store, I am greeted with great respect and consideration. I will be moving back to Hamilton in the spring, but I will just have to have these products shipped to me! I am especially in love with the anti-ageing face serum with rose oil. I have finally went a winter without extremely dry skin peeling all over my face. Thank you. You two are a wonderfully talented couple and I wish you all the success in the world. Cheers to a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year!

Sharon Parcey
Timmins is very fortunate to have two very knowledgeable and creative people in duck in a tub. They have amazing knowledge of essential oils and skin products to create wonderful products for personal use and for shared enjoyment. Very happy girl here.

Sarah Lafreniere  
Absolutely love this store Monkey fart bath bomb is my absolute favorite and loved the bedset! and the owner is wonderful and very helpful definirerly a return customer me and my bo are completely satisfied

Shelby Delaurier
Absolutely love the bath products!!! I buy soo much!

Jennifer Dicks
Today was my first time in the store. I bought bath bombs and wax bars for my warmer. Absolutely LOVE the products. I will definitely be going back for more :)

Tammy Malo-and Guy Gagnon
Guy tried the snore awesome

Leanne Labreche
Great products and excellent service. If you haven't been, go!! You won't regret it.

Chantal Leduc-Ruddell
I just ran your products. Congrats on the reopening and will definitively be going to see you soon and shop :-)

Danielle Forget
Huge fan of all their products!! Only place I buy my soaps. :)

Doris Heins
Love the massage oil and the sea salt body scub.

Kelly Montague
Love these products!!!!



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