Why Less is More

June 11, 2017

Duck in a Tub is committed to preventing unwanted waste by consciously reducing the amount of unnecessary packaging of our product line. Our bath bombs and cold process soaps are sold and displayed in our stores, NAKED! Since bath bombs are our biggest and quickest sellers, it only makes sense to reduce plastic waste as much as possible! Every year, millions of tons of unrecyclable, plastic waste and packaging makes it to landfills worldwide due to the  beauty industry.... which, poses a huge threat to our environment.
As manufacturers, our wish is to try to reduce our footprint on this earth any way we can, because every little bit helps! Another benefit, is that it helps keep the cost down for our stockists who purchase from us in bulk, which is a win, win for everyone!

We wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support, your understanding and contribution in our 'green' practices!

***Please note, our ingredients are always listed on our website, and in cases where there is no packaging, we have the ingredients of any particular unlabelled product on display at our stores and also provide them for our stockists.

Green On!

The D I A T Team.



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