It's a new experience each and every time!

May 15, 2017

Bath bombs are pure genius and fun experience in the tub, their effervescent fizz...and the occasional foaming bomb will leave your skin super moisturized and soft with a lingering hint of fragrance. What's not to love? With so many varieties and options available, it's a new experience each and every time!

Our bath bombs are all crafted individually by hand, while being mindful of the ingredients we use. We opt for quality, using tried, tested and true, toxin-free colourants and oils. We believe the bathing experience should evoke a sense of calm and wellness, where less is actually more!

We do our best to choose natural colourants such as micas, clays and exotic salts and scent with phthalate free fragrances or essential oils that are beneficial to mind and body, for an overall transforming experience. Our bodies are exposed to many contaminants daily. Why add to it during your bathing and cleansing ritual? Try our bath bombs today!



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