How about The Most Comfortable Sleeping Experience As A Christmas Gift?

October 12, 2015

You may not have realized it but you spend almost a third of your life sleeping –and come to think of it, that is a lot of time. You want to live life surrounded with all the comforts, so why deprive yourself of comforts while sleeping? While a good mattress and a cozy blanket goes a long way in ensuring this, your sheets and pillows are important too.

Quality linen makes a difference when you sleep; it’s a luxury that’s well worth the money spent on it. When you sink into bed and draw the sheets over you, you want to slip into a world where cares and worries have no place and where dreams interweave themselves into the softness of the sheets that cover you.

And talking of sheets, cotton is the most popular fabric because it breathes, it’s comfortable and lasts long. As it traps the heat and also allows cool air to pass through, it’s a great choice in any climate. When woven along with rayon or other materials, its texture becomes softer and the sheets weigh less.

Egyptian cotton is the gold standard for sheeting fabric and our Egyptian sheet set allows you to enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The sheets are thin, they have a silky soft feel, a lustrous finish and are made of high strength micro fiber yarns. The sheets caress your body, are soft to touch and best of all don’t wrinkle. Our luxury sheet sets come at the price that’s too good to be. While Linen sheets too work well in a hot climate, they tend to wrinkle and you would need to keep ironing them to retain their looks.

But are good quality sheets enough for sleeping well? No, of course not, pillows are important too. After all, you wouldn’t want to wake up with a crick in the neck or a headache when you jump out of bed in the morning. So pay attention to your pillows too.

When you sleep, the cervical nerves in your neck have to be lined up in such a way that the neck muscles are relaxed, there is enough of blood flow and nerve signals can pass to and from the brain. Our bamboo pillows support and align everything in the way it ought to be and gives you the quality sleep that you deserve. They are extra soft, supportive, durable and its zippered double layer augurs for easy washing. They’re great for back, stomach or side sleepers and adjust perfectly to your head and neck. 

Moreover, it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant bamboo fiber blend cover affords the perfect solution for a sleeping surface. Going one step further, bamboo even breathes better than cotton, remaining cool and comfortable while you sleep. Bamboo’s natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic fibers promote the kind of restful sleep that will make your night comfortable and soothing.

So say goodbye to those headaches and backaches –no more fitful slumbers, no more sleepless nights—our Egyptian sheet set and bamboo pillows will have you sleeping well and better than you’ve ever slept before, giving you the best sleeping experience that you’ve ever had.

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