Great things come in great packages. So do bath bombs!

May 31, 2015

Now delivered to your doorstep! Believe it or not, FREE OF CHARGE!

Great things come in great packages. So do bath bombs!

What is a package of many bombs? Definitely a nuclear bomb!

What is a package of six super cool bath bombs? Staff Picks Super 6 Deal Bath Bombs…!!

Staff picks super 6 is a perfect combo of 6 handpicked bath bombs that together make your bath time a wonderful experience. Indulge yourselves in the heavenly feel of soft touch of Duck in a Tub creations while immersing in water.

Best news about the super value pack is, it comes with free shipping! Enjoy great products delivered to your home at no extra expense. It is our token of appreciation to our loyal customers who have trusted our products all these years.

The ultimate Super 6 Package

  • Acai Berry – Feel the refreshing fragrance of jasmine, peach and gardenia as it embraces your body while tranquilizing your senses
  • Coconut and Lime - A truly enchanting combination of reverberating scents that deeply relieves your body and mind
  • Coconut Creme – Enjoy the luxury touch of rich and creamy tropical fragrance that is unique and elegant in its presence
  • Monkey Fart - The name says it all? No it does not. Despite the cute name, this piece of cool bath bomb is irresistibly sweet, refreshing and invigorating. It will immediately make your skin feel moist
  • Orange and Chocolate – Another great pairing of nature’s substances to create a romantic atmosphere to make your bath a unique experience
  • Vanilla Cream – Envelope your body in your favorite subtle aroma. Vanilla cream creates an alluring atmosphere with its intoxicating aroma. Soak your body in skin softening

Great Value for the Price You Pay

This deal is available only for a limited time. Take advantage of it until it is available. Our luxury series of bath bombs feature a range of rich ingredients that are ultra-moisturizing and great for dry skin. We maintain high quality of our bath bombs that we use only finest raw material and expert hands to make our special gourmet bath bombs. Duck in a Tub bath bombs are handmade professionally for absolute quality.

Save a whopping $15.00 on every purchase you make! Free shipping is available only for a limited time. This special pack is an ideal gift for any occasion. Grab your Super 6 Deal today!




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